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Lighthouse Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Safety and PV/QA (GPvP) support services

Lighthouse Pharmacovigilance was established to provide objective and pragmatic Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Safety and PV/QA (GPvP) support services, drawn from many years of industry experience. Lighthouse provide tailor made, cost-effective solutions to suit your requirements.

Who are we?

Vicki Page-Clark is the founder and director of Lighthouse Pharmacovigilance.

Vicki has many years experience as QPPV for various global companies, and a long background in pharmacovigilance and drug safety roles.

Vicki has post graduate academic qualifications, is an adjunct lecturer and is an Honorary Fellow for PIPA. To find out more click here.

Why Lighthouse?

Lighthouses are often used a metaphors for pharmacovigilance or drug safety. But is that because we think lighthouses are there to prevent a disaster – the ship on the rocks situation? Or is it because the person choosing the logo knows their true purpose as navigational aids? So that we know where we are with respect to drug safety? I think we would love to have the precision of navigation in the pharmacovigilance world but is that possible? It’s how we manage uncertainty that is the challenge.